A Link to the Past: Randomizer Spring Tournament 2017

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This is a tournament for A Link to the Past Randomizer. Please read all of the details below before committing to the tournament.

Submit race times: https://goo.gl/forms/Q6g1HTuAqKivaT9i1

view schedule: https://goo.gl/1ua8Bw

Randomizer Settings

Round Robin Format

  • The format for the first stage of the tournament is a 5-person Round Robin.
  • The top 2 players in each group advance to the single elimination bracket.
  • Seeding for the single elimination will be determined by your performance (number of wins, average time) in the Round Robin.
  • Race ties and standing ties will be decided by a single tie-breaker match between all tied opponenets.
  • Initial seeding will use a combination of the SRL alttphacks leaderboard as of 03/26/17 and some (sketchy) statistical analysis.
  • Runners with no ranking will be randomized (hehe...) and placed at the bottom of the seeding.

Single Elimination Format

  • The single elimination bracket is best of three races through to the Semi-Finals, with the Finals being best of five.
  • We encourage matches to be played back-to-back if possible.
  • Race ties will be decided by another tie-breaker match.

Race Details

  • Each race will consist of two players, each running the same race seed.
  • There will be no double races.
  • The seeds for each race will be generated by the tournament organizers and provided to the entrants five minutes in advance.
  • Seed IDs will be obfuscated in the ROM and spoiler logs will not be provided until after both players have finished.
  • All matches of the tournament will be broadcast to twitch.tv/SpeedGaming, twitch.tv/speedrunslive or twitch.tv/speedgaming2.
  • Players and commentators should join the Discord server.

Tournament Rules

  • You must adhere to the rules detailed in "No Major Glitches - Any%" found here (except you can s+q/deathwarp).
  • You may use Minor Glitches but Major Glitches are banned - they are classified  here.
  • You must stream your race on Twitch and enable VOD saving. 
  • All races will be done on the SRL IRC server in accordance with the SRL rules.  The time recorded on SRL will be the official time.
  • Stream sniping, ROM/RAM inspection, speaking to other racers and receiving advice from others during the race are prohibited.
  • Assistance from chat is banned. We encourage you to either disable chat or turn on slow mode so a moderator can filter out spoilers.
  • You may also want to consider limiting chat to Followers only (> 1 day).

Other Details

Players are in charge of contacting their opponent to decide a time and date to race.  Players  must complete at least 1 match per week.  The suggested order is shown under the "Matches" tab next to each group.  Players may ask for an extension, but anyone who has not gotten in contact with their opponent or made arrangements with the organizers during that time frame will have their match marked as loss.

For information or help with the tournament contact the moderators in the Discord.


冠军: ajneb174
有价值对手: ChristosOwen
下次再说: Acmlm


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