A Link to the Past: Randomizer Fall Tournament Finals 2017

Hosted by
A Link To The Past
  •   Groups (5 → 2) then Single Elimination
  •   A link to the past randomizer
  •   November 5, 2017 at 12:00 PM CST
  •   Check-in: November 4 at 1:00 PM
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Race Details

Each race will consist of two players, each running the same race seed.

There will be no double races.

The seeds for each race will be generated by the tournament organizers and provided to the entrants five minutes in advance.

Seed IDs will be obfuscated in the ROM and spoiler logs will not be provided until after both players have finished.

All matches of the tournament will be broadcast to twitch.tv/SpeedGaming, twitch.tv/speedrunslive or twitch.tv/speedgaming2.

Players and commentators should join the Discord server.

Tournament Rules

You must adhere to the rules detailed below:

Play Rules

  • You may use Minor Glitches but Major Glitches are banned. See: http://www.speedrun.com/alttp/guide/mwo3p

  • You must stream your race on Twitch and enable VOD saving.

  • Race VODs must be left on Twitch for no fewer than 14 days.

  • Players are expected to respond to any requests made in the SRL IRC channel in a timely manner.

  • All races will be done on the SRL IRC server in accordance with the SRL rules. The time recorded on SRL will be the official time.

  • Players may not be in a restream channel or chat during the race.

  • Harassment or bullying will not be tolerated and may result in immediate removal.

  • Stream sniping, ROM/RAM inspection, speaking to other racers and receiving advice from others during the race are prohibited.

  • Assistance from chat is banned. We encourage you to either disable chat or turn on slow mode so a moderator can filter out spoilers.

  • You may also want to consider limiting chat to Followers only (> 1 day).

  • The use of turbo is banned.

  • Pressing Up+Down or Left+Right simultaneously is banned.

  • All major glitches are banned except in glitched categories.

  • Exploration glitches are banned in all categories, including glitched.

  • Players must use either SNES9X 1.5x, bsnes/higan, sd2snes or Super Everdrive.

  • Players using flash carts must play on either a Nintendo or RetroBit brand console. Hyperkin consoles are banned.

  • Players using flash carts must disable all in-game hooks.

  • Emulator specific functionality is banned (e.g. save states, binding multiple keys, etc).

  • Emulator players may only map one action to any given button. For example you cannot bind Up and Right to the same button.

  • Emulator players must show the FPS for the duration of the run.

  • An input display is preferred but not required.

  • Timing starts on file select and ends upon entering the Triforce room.

  • S+Q/deathwarp is permitted in all categories.

  • Players who are removed from the tournament may not join subsequent tournaments for one full calendar year from the date of removal.

  • Players who drop from the tournament will be considered to have lost any subsequent matches. Records of previous matches will remain unchanged.

Other Details

Players are in charge of contacting their opponent to decide a time and date to race.  Players  must complete at least 1 match per week.  The suggested order is shown under the "Matches" tab next to each group.  Players may ask for an extension, but anyone who has not gotten in contact with their opponent or made arrangements with the organizers during that time frame will have their match marked as loss.

Tournament administrators reserve the right to --FILL IN LANGUAGE-- after providing players access to the updated version for no less than 14 days.

For information or help with the tournament contact the moderators in the Discord.

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.